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This page will be appreciated more by fellow die-hard Springsteen fans. Here are some signs of a die-hard:
* You know
Blinded by the Light is not a Manfred Mann song.
* You think
Nebraska is one of his better albums.
* You know
Born in the USA   was the first CD produced in the US.
* You bought all his albums on LPs. Then on cassette when you got your first walkman. Then on CD when you got your first CD player.
* You knew the words to
Janet Don't You Lose Heart before it was released on Tracks.
* You own bootleg albums.

Anyway, I'll bypass some of the more obvious tribute stuff and post only the more interesting things I've discovered since over the last several years. Enjoy.

But first a quick Springsteen story: In my freshman year at Fordham, I was up at 3am working on an English paper. I was listening to the radio dialed in to 95.5 during it's brief stint as WPPR (remember that?). They were giving out Springsteen concert tickets at the Knickerbocker Arena in Worcester, Mass. So the call came out for the 95th caller. I needed a break anyway, so I headed out to the payphone in the hallway with my quarter. The next thing I hear is "You're a winner!" I give them my name and where I'm from and they put me on hold. In the meanwhile I hear the conversation I just had being played and replayed -- I guess they were keying it up for broadcasting.

Then I realized, the time will run out on my quarter. So I yell as loud as I can, "I need a quarter -- somebody give me a quarter!" Nothing. So I decide to take action. I run back to my room as fast as I can, grab a few quarters, book back to the payphone and drop three or four into the slot. Luckily, I made it in time.

So my roomate and I take a day a couple of days off from classes and the radio station buses us up there, get us hotel rooms and great seats at the concert. I was taking pictures -- which is not allowed -- trying not to get caught by security. But after snapping off a few, a security guard comes over to my seat. But he caught a lady two seats over who took some pictures right after me. Again, what luck. After breakfast the next morning, we were brought back to NY tired and hoarse.

That was my first concert, ever. And one I'll not soon forget.



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