Between the mysterious ruins of the ancients and the inspired decadence of technological advancement
lies a place where we are all at home. That place is known as...

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If you're looking for my "hits" counter, I took it off this page and put it on my new site: Kelvin's Basement Apartment. In case you were wondering, it peaked at 130-something. And that included all the times you came back to see that this site was never updated. It also included the several times I visited myself. Plus, all the times I had to check to see if the counter was actually working (by "reloading" the page). Plus, the counter actually started at 34 (really, I don't know why).

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So what the hell is a "cubiffice" anyway? Well, according to The Oxford English Dictionary:

cubiffice  (kyoˇ bif is) 1. n. Workspace enclosed by two office walls and two cubicle walls. See officle

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Use the magic buttons to the left of or in the cubiffice to navigate this site:

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Use the magic buttons!

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I hope you enjoy visiting this site. It's my first attempt at a webpage and I'm sure it'll get better with each update (monthly, I hope). I tried to keep each page relatively small. With a 28.8k modem, only a couple of pages should take more than 30 seconds to load; so you'll have an idea of how much waiting you'll be doing: this page was estimated to take 36 seconds. I had another logo, an animated 3-D gif, but couldn't use it because it was just too big (100k); you can check it out here. Of course, I would like to know of any broken links, misspellings, etc. Also, be sure to e-mail me and let me know what you think, what your favorite page was, etc. And please, don't take anything in here (or in life) too seriously -- it'll just make you crazy, and  'cause I just don't give a crap.       See ya -- Kelvin.

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If you like my site,
and you know you do,
e-mail me at:

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If you don't like my site,
stick your head in the toilet, flush three times,
then take another look.
Repeat as necessary.

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